Leading Malaysian Systems Integrator Achieves Instant ROI with IceWarp
Posted by Dayan D. Jeremiah on 23 May 2014 08:29 AM
Global messaging and collaboration solutions provider IceWarp has announced today that MyTech, the leading Malaysian Systems Integrator, has achieved instant ROI with its flagship product, IceWarp Messaging Server. A recently completed case study shows how MyTech delivered IceWarp through an advanced Linux CentOS-powered cloud service to offer versatile messaging offerings to its customers.  Read
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IceWarp to Convene 12th Annual Conference in Prague, Czech Republic
Posted by Dayan D. Jeremiah on 16 May 2014 09:28 AM
Global messaging solutions provider IceWarp has announced it will hold its 12th Annual Conference Monday, May 19th to Wednesday, May 21st, 2014. The much anticipated 2014 conference will focus on the IceWarp product roadmap, new geographically tailored features, and key integrations with third-party products. IceWarp partners, who compose a distribution network covering over 40 countries, will be an integral part of the discussions.  Read Complete article

IceWarp has released the newest version of its award-winning messaging server that reinvents the messaging software market by offering Online Meetings, Document Management and Dropbox Integration in one package. IceWarp 11 also features enhanced email, VoIP, Mobile Synchronization and IM functionalities managed from a revamped user-friendly WebClient.  Read More...
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Global messaging solutions provider IceWarp announced today that one of its longtime customers Northport, Malaysia’s largest private port operating company, recently performed an in-depth cost analysis for its mobile workforce and found it saved 81% on connecting its mobile workforce using IceWarp. The cost savings analysis was done in a Microsoft Exchange comparison. Northport’s low cost number is especially remarkable because of how widely dispersed and on-the-go its
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Global messaging solution provider IceWarp announced today that Siang May, a global synthetic fiber manufacturer, was able to connect its global offices using IceWarp's SIP-based internet telephony. Though IceWarp has been widely recognized as a popular mail server and Microsoft Exchange alternative since 1998, Siang May's story illustrates the wide range of communications that are possible through the IceWarp server, especially for businesses with a limited budget and limited or
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Virtuosity Reports Instant ROI After Deploying IceWarp Messaging Server
Posted by Dayan D. Jeremiah on 05 May 2014 08:37 AM
Messaging solutions provider IceWarp recently sat down to interview one of its technology customers, Virtuosity. Virtuosity outgrew an open source solution it had used for years and after much testing decided to try IceWarp Messaging Server. Virtuosity was impressed with how easy it was to install IceWarp and how robust the features were compared to much more expensive messaging tools, like Microsoft Exchange. It estimated IceWarp paid for itself upon installation because of how
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