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What is IceWarp's pre-configured Virtual Machine and what does it include?
Posted by Dayan D. Jeremiah, Last modified by Dayan D. Jeremiah on 08 July 2016 03:23 PM

IceWarp's Pre-Configured VM is designed to simplify the deployment of IceWarp making it possible for you to get your server up and running in under 30 minutes! All that is required is for you to purchase an IceWarp license and VM, download the VM, apply your license key and start creating your domain and mailboxes.

IceWarp is now available as Virtual Machines on;

  1. VMWare CentOS7 x64

All VM's are delivered to you pre-configured with;

  1. The most current version of IceWarp Server
  2. Docker Engine and IceWarp Docker Image for WebDocuments
  3. Recommended Security Settings and Policies
  4. Recommended Anti-Spam Settings
  5. Recommended Anti-Virus Settings
  6. IceWarp Queue Monitor
  7. Linux Firewall (IPTABLES)
  8. Fail2Ban
  9. MySQL Database Server
  10. All Required IceWarp MySQL Databases
  11. OpenLDAP
  12. Apache2
  13. SMB (Samba)
  14. PHP
  15. Syslog Server
  16. Syslog Server Web-Based Analyzer
  17. Webmin Web-Based Linux Server Management Interface
  18. Launch Portal Page for IceWarp WebClient, IceWarp WebAdmin, Webmin, Syslog Analyzer and PHPInfo()

Please contact IceWarp Malaysia Sales for a quote or to purchase an IceWarp License or Virtual Machine.


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