What is Directory Cache and can I stop a running rebuild process?
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The Directory Cache is a database that is used to keep information about email boxes including their sizes and number of messages. The directory cache database is updated the moment any change is made to a mailbox. It is recommended that you manually force a full rebuild of the Directory Cache database after each server upgrade using the System > Advanced > Directory Cache > [Run Now] button.

The rebuild process runs as a low priority task and depending on the size and performance of your database server and storage the rebuild of the Directory Cache can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours to complete.

How Can I Stop a Running Directory Cache Rebuild Process (Wave Process)

Although highly unlikely situations may arise where you would need to stop the Directory Cache Rebuild process. Please follow the steps outlined below to terminate the rebuild process;

  1. Stop your IceWarp Control Service and wait for the service indicated to turn RED
  2. Determine the location of your Directory Cache database. This is set in System > Advanced > Directory Cache > [DB Settings...]
  3. Use an SQL Manager or the IceWarp built-in SQL Manager in File > SQL manager... to connect to the Directory Cache database
  4. Delete ALL records from the DirectoryCacheJournal and the DirectoryCacheSchedule tables;
    • DELETE FROM DirectoryCacheJournal
    • DELETE FROM DirectoryCacheSchedule
  5. Delete all the files from your \IceWarp_Install_Folder\php\temp\
  6. Start your IceWarp Control Service and wait for the service indicator to turn GREEN . The Directoy Cache rebuild (Wave Process) should now be stopped.


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